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All Things Real Estate.

We take the stress out everything real estate, from investments, contracting, and even buying and selling homes.



Triple Crown Property Management & Investments

Established in Maryland, home of the Preakness Stakes, one of the tracks in the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing.


Although Maryland is just one of the crowns. We treat our clients, their investment, their property, and most importantly them, like royalty.

Here at Triple Crown, we have a large range of services we offer including but not limited to rental property management, investing, consulting, wholesale, demolition, general contracting and real estate development. 

We handle everything from start to finish in every aspect with all of our real estate transactions.

City Sky

Triple Crown.

Simplified. Streamlined.

Streamlined Rentals.

From one tenant to the next, to cleaning, to landlord payment.

Quick Tenant Aquisition

Keeping your rental profitable. 

Fast Turn Around

Updated Technology and Door locks keep the cycle moving

Fast Payment

Payment to landlord can be done in a variety of ways.

Competitive Rates.

Ask us today about our rates for your rental property, rates do vary depending on the type of rental property.


Wether you are just getting into real estate and need guidance, want to grown you're money through investments, or let you're money grow for you long term.

We can help with that.


New to Real Estate?

With our consulting, we can take you from being a real estate newbie, to having a complete understanding how to acquire properties, get them rented, or even get them flipped. With our vast network across the United States, no territory is left untouched.

Stock Market Chart


With our investments, we can help you grow you're money. With return rates starting at 8% annualized, an initial investment can grow for a good return. Rates vary on investment size and length.

Home Windows

Long Term Investing

Long term investing is a great way to grow you're money for years to come. You will join our vast network of investors that have a stake in rental properties, starting at 10 units per property up to a few hundred. With complete transparency.

Investment Return Rates Starting at 8%

Get in Touch Today.

Additional Services.

Some additional services that we offer.

House in blue


Ask us about our wholesale portfolio, with ton of properties and the ability to find more across the United States and beginning to reach outside countries. We offer a vast array of properties. 

Rock Rubble


Starting a project?

We are able to do demolition, on projects in the following states MD, DE, DC, VA, PA and WV. We pride ourselves on being quick, efficient and safe.


General Contractor

Ready to start a project?

With our general contracting and real estate development division, we can handle you're entire project from start to finish with full transparency along the way.


"Couldn't be happier! I went from not knowing how to get into real estate, to having rental condos in OCMD and constant tenants. Now I'm able to spend time with my family and kids while Triple Crown takes care of it. Thanks Vince and team!"

Jerry Bluetone

“Stress no more.. I have to give TCPM a hand for what they do, from A-Z, they handle it all. Getting a direct deposit weekly for my rental and not having to touch my phone. Priceless.”

Amanda Margott

“Plain and Simple. I needed a tenant out, they took over. Served the eviction, removed all belongings, made repairs and got a new tenant in. They thoroughly checked the new tenant, from Facebook, employment, credit, and criminal. They made sure the next tenant was a good one.

Trisha Fox

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